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Welcome to Hammond Art. Here is where you will discover unique abstract art that tells a story.


The act of creating provides a space for me to think more clearly by filtering out all of life's noise. Not until recently was I really able to understand how those moments of quiet were the driving force behind my love of making art. 

It is during that time, whatever I am thinking about becomes the basis for the work itself. Have you ever gone through a breakup? Well, I have painted about it. Politics? Yes, I have painted about it...more than once. If you have ever lost a loved one, then you know the immense pain and confusion that can accompany that loss. I wish I hadn't, but I have painted about that as well. 

For some, they create music or write. For me, I capture history and time through visual expression. I am a storyteller documenting the human experience in the 21st century. If anything I create makes you feel something, remember something, or simply makes you stop and think, then I am doing my job correctly.  


Please browse the art at your leisure and let me know which pieces you really connect with. I would love to hear from you!

Yours truly,

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“Art is meant to disturb, science reassures.”

-Georges Braque

Abstract artist to watch Hammond. 

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