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About 74












Barbara at a Museum of Cartoon Art event

circa 1990.


Specifically created for the May 7th Market Bleu event at the Contemporary Art Center, 74 is a series of seventy-four, 6” x 6” acrylic on canvas paintings in memory of my mother who would have turned 74 on this day. 


Barbara was a native of Cincinnati who would go on to have successful careers in museum management and consulting. She was a graduate of Finch College in Midtown Manhattan with a B.A. History of Art and did graduate study at Columbia University, School of Architecture Historic Preservation as well as the City University of New York, History of Art. 


For twenty years her career would take her to museums and historic homes throughout Westchester County, New York City, and surrounding areas. Barbara was the Assistant Director at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, NY before she became the Executive Director at the Museum of Cartoon Art in Rye Brook, NY. 


Eventually, she would find herself back in Cincinnati where she was the Executive Director of the Cincinnati Fire Museum for twelve years ending in 2012 when for the first time in her life she developed blood clots. Two years later her life was cut short due to complications from a blood clotting disorder that she and I share. 


No matter how large or small of a museum Barbara worked at, she always left her mark and embodied what historic preservation and museum management were all about. Barbara took care of her mother when she moved back to Cincinnati, she was a big baseball fan of both the Reds and the Mets and she enjoyed gardening. 


She also happened to be a huge supporter of Hammond Art.



How to purchase:

•All of the paintings will be available for a special preview on the Hammond Art Studio website on May 6th. You may purchase (1) piece at the regular retail price of $160. Costs of shipping are not included. 


•(8) paintings will be randomly selected and will not go on sale until 6 pm on May 7th to ensure there are some available paintings at the Market Bleu event. These will be available online as well. 


•Each of the seventy-four paintings in the 74 series is being offered at $74.00 on May 7th only. 


•50% of all the proceeds from the sale of work from the 74 series will be donated by 

Hammond Art, LLC in Barbara's memory to National Blood Clot Alliance so we can Stop the Clot.

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